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How It Works:

  1. Sign up for our affiliate program on our website. (No fees, ever!)
  2. After you sign up, we’ll send you your own personalized 10% off coupon code to share with your clients. That code can be combined with any other code or sale on our site!
  3. You share that coupon code, along with a link to our website, in your emails to your clients. The best way to share is to include the coupon code in emails to your clients when their photos are ready. You could also send out an email to past clients, or make a post on your social media pages, to let them know about our new partnership.
  4. If your client orders any item and uses your coupon code at check out, you’ll be credited for the sale!
  5. 5% of the total sale price will be added to your affiliate account.
  6. Provide either your PayPal or Venmo during enrollment, and you'll be cashed out whenever an order's placed by someone who used your code.

Why Partner with Us?

High-quality canvas prints that showcase your talent!

  1. Our printer has the highest color spectrum on the market!
  2. Our frames are made from 2”x1” rough-cut fir and can be stained or painted to your client’s liking.
  3. We currently offer framed canvases, hanging canvases, and rolled canvases (for those DIY folks who want to make their own frame).
  4. Our frames are re-usable! This means customers buy a frame once, and then they’ll be able to order just the print for a fraction of the cost.

Competitive commission rates!

  • If one of your clients buys a 24” X 42” framed canvas from our site for $110, you will earn $5.50 just for sharing your coupon code!

It’s minimal effort!

  • All you have to do is share your coupon code in emails that you’re already sending out! 

It’s free advertising for you!

  • Imagine the impact of someone entering a friend's home and discovering your stunning photo proudly displayed on their wall – a surefire way to boost your sales!
  • Additionally, our product carts include a consent form seeking permission to showcase a photo of the completed frame on our social media pages. We'll tag your pages in any photos for all of our followers to see!

Interested in checking out our quality? All photographers will get a one time use coupon so you can get an idea of our quality. This coupon can be combined with any other promos or coupons!

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